Front of the Car Rider Line - Online Auction

JUMP TO THE FRONT of the car rider’s line!

Valley View PTA is offering a pass to the front of the afternoon pick-up line for those picking up at the elementary and intermediate (FRONT or BACK). The highest bidder will be the lucky winner of our PTA Membership "Drive" online auction.

For the entire school year, you will enjoy the ease of pulling straight to the front of the car rider line! Just arrive 5 minutes before the last bell and bypass all the traffic, hassle & wait. No more than THREE STUDENTS may be picked up in the same vehicle from either building!  ONLY ONE CAR may pick up students in a single day! Failure to disobey the rules will end in immediate termination of privileges.

Instructions for Online Auction:
The highest bid will be updated frequently on our Facebook Events Pages.

Please email  Elementary bids  to
Please email Intermediate bids to  

Bid Amount - Bidding will open at $50 and will increase in $20 increments only

Please include your bid and the following submission info:

  • Your bid amount ($20 increments only)
  • Your name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Building name - Elementary or Intermediate

 **For Intermediate, you MUST specify FRONT or BACK pick-up IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL

  • Students names to be picked up  (NO MORE THAN THREE)

ALL 5 of these items MUST be included! You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of bidding. If there are multiple new bids at the close of the auction, a decision will be made according to the time stamp on the emails,  with the highest bid to come in before the deadline.

Bidding will begin at 12:00 PM on Tuesday, September 1st, and end at 8:00 PM sharp.

The winner will be notified, receive their pass & specific instructions on Wednesday, September 2.  

Instructions for Elementary School pick-up line - The auctioned pickup will pull up and bypass the car rider line in the back of the building.  You will pull up going the opposite direction from the morning drop off and your students will come out the front door instead of the cafeteria doors.  You need to send a note to the teacher telling them that your child will come to the office at car rider dismissal time and your children will be escorted to your car.  You must arrive before 2:55 and before the car line begins to move. Your pass must be visible every day that it is used.                         

 Instructions for Intermediate School pick-up line - The auctioned pickup in FRONT will pull up and bypass the car rider line, the pickups in the BACK will line up in at the corner of the baseball field parking lot. You will be signaled when the pickup process starts. You must arrive before 3:10 and before the car line begins to move.  Your pass must be visible every day that it is used.


Bidding by email is the only acceptable form of bidding.

Want to go directly to the front of the car rider line? 

Front of Car Line Auction