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February 26th, 2024

11:00 am

New PTA House

(old Administration house)​​


VV PTA loves to empower and to give back to our school and community utilizing different projects throughout the year. Please see the different, larger areas we work in with different smaller projects each year. Our PTA will work with students and community organizations to accomplish goals set.

 Diversity & Inclusion

Health & Safety project

on boosting the immune system with the help of Jr High East


Health & Safety project

on food allergy awareness with help from Jr High East


Service Projects

Health & Safety

With this project we worked with the school and a local pediatric office to obtain free Epi-pens for the nurses in each building. It's important for the nurses to have the extra pens on hand in case a student has an anaphylactic reaction while at school and does not have an Epi-pen at school.