Here is a list of our different committees, and they each have an important role in our VV PTA success. Some require volunteers for just a short time frame while others work throughout the school year.



Blazer Kindness Run



Family Eat Out Night

Service Projects

Health & Safety



Diversity & Inclusion


Other opportunities for volunteers are available with our Hospitality committee and as a grade coordinator.

Look for sign-up requests for volunteers throughout the year. Or, reach out to us here or by sending us a quick email to


Every PTA is built on the time and hard work of volunteers, and our PTA is always looking for volunteers to step up and chip in to help create productive and thoughtful projects during the school year. We love to give back to our teachers and provide parents and students with information and opportunities to help the students succeed. We have several opportunities throughout the year for parents to help our PTA have a successful year. We have an opportunity for all parents!

Next Meeting:

April 29th, 2024

11:00 am

New PTA House

(old Administration house)​​